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Importance of a Harness

Does your dog need a sweater?

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Send a picture of your pooch sporting J-Dog! We want your trendy pup to be a part of our photo gallery. Send a picture of your canine friend styling on-the-go or just relaxing around the house!

Quality Craftsmanship

All sweaters are hand-knit by highly skilled artisans in South America. We are proud to incorporate a company practicing Fair Trade and an Eco-friendly approach.  Fair treatment of all workers is a top priority and the company provides work to over 300 local women.

Personalize Your Sweater

Personalize your pet's sweater with his/her initial! Two sweater styles have the option to add a hand-stitched letter of your choice for a small additional fee.

Personalize Your Sweater FAIR TRADE FEATURED Learn More Learn More Learn More

“Hand-knit Alpaca Wool”

with 100% Alpaca